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Then the user taps on the start button and the match begins. The user taps on the tennis ball for the first or second serve. Once the ball is served, the court shows in red all fault areas and in light green the non fault area:. The user taps on the court where the serve ball lands. The colors provide guidance to the user when tapping the part of the court where the serve ball lands. Here, the user tapped on the net since Alexander's ball landed in the net.

Since this was the second faulty serve for Alexander, the tracker registers a double fault and the game counter increases for Lee. This video shows how the user tracks the serve: fault net and out , double fault, ace, first serve in and second serve in.

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Here again, the out areas are shown in red and the in areas for both players in light green. When the rally ends, the user taps the court where the ball landed. The tracker registers where exactly an out ball lands. Below, Lee's ball landed out long left:.

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If the ball is good and the opponent was unable to return the ball, a modal dialog box appears where the user can provide information about the point ball:. At the end of a game, the tracker knows if players have to switch ends of court or not. If it was the end of an odd game and players must switch ends, the user will see this alert:. At the end of the first set, the top bar section changes to display the results from the first set above the second set counters. Kids usually play only one or two sets per match:.

At the end of the match, the user has without great effort and distraction entered a large amount of data: aces, double faults, out balls and their precise locations, point balls and what kind of point balls, 1st serve, 2nd serve, winners, length of match, length of sets and length of games.

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This data is stored in a match database that can store data points for hundreds of matches. The expendable Past matches section allows the user to quickly access match analytics of last week's matches.

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  7. When the user taps on the card, it expands to show match analytics in greater detail. From the expanded card the user can access match analytics of other matches as well as Lee's development analytics. The last section in this user's scroll feed gives an overview of Win summaries for the user's players over the last two quarters:. Players, their matches and their match analytics are color coded and color matched so that users can quickly find the player info they are interested in.

    The user decides which color belongs to which player. Here, for example, Lee is blue and Maud is orange.

    Win summaries show stacked the number of won and lost matches per current and last quarter for each of the user's My Players. If a user has more than four players in the My Players list, only the current quarter match results are shown. A few words about how a match is set up and started other than using the Start new match shortcut in the scroll feed. If users want or need to create one or a whole bunch of upcoming matches perhaps for a tournament beforehand, they tap on the ball icon in the toolbar to get to the Upcoming Matches screen.

    The page below show a list of upcoming matches which the user created already:. When the user taps on the start button, a modal dialog appears asking the user to turn the phone to horizontal position.

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    In a later version of the Tennis Tracker, users will also be able to use the tracker in portrait orientation. This is important since depending on the user's position relative to the tennis court where the match takes place, it could be easier to enter match data in portrait or in landscape mode:.

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